Conscience and the Constitution

An Introduction to The Lim Report 
by William Hohri

Research Report prepared for Presidential Select Committee on JACL Resolution #7 
(aka "The Lim Report")

submitted in 1990 by Deborah K. Lim
© 2002 by Deborah K. Lim


Table of Contents

Part I: Pre-evacuation

IA. The Activities and Relationships with Governmental Agencies Prior to December 7, 1941.

(1). Official Position
(2). Government Intelligence Agencies
(3). Kenneth D. Ringle, ONI
(4). JACL and Ringle
(5). Pacific Northwest
(6). Northern California
(7). Postscript

IB. Response to Declaration of War with Japan

(1). Defense Committees Formed by JACL
(2). Anti-Axis Committee, Los Angeles
(3). Anti-Axis Committee Minutes Reviewed
(4). Actions and Impact of Anti-Axis Committee
(5). Emergency Defense Council: Seattle
(6). Imperial County Citizens Welfare Committee

IC. Response to Various Military Orders, Curfew

(1). Suicide Battalion and Hostages

ID. The Decision to Cooperate with Evacuation

(1). Prior Knowledge of Evacuation
(2). December 7, 1941
(3). Meeting with Governor Olson
(4). Tolan Committee
(5). Special National Board and Council Meeting
(6). Expressions of Inappropriate Sentiment
(7). Better in Administering than Opposing the Evacuation?
(8). Branding Issue

IE. Actions Initiated in the Community

(1). The Kibei Survey
(2). Lt. Brown, Office of Naval Intelligence
(3). "Exploitation of Distress"

Part II: Internment Period (1942-1945)

IIA. JACL Position on Legal Test Cases

(1). Bulletin #142
(2). Special Emergency National Conference, November 17-24, Salt Lake City, Utah
(3). Civil Liberties League
(4). Change of Policy

IIB. Relationship with War Relocation Authority and Other Governmental Agencies

(1). Relationship with Wartime Civil Control Authority
(2). War Relocation Authority
(3). April 6, 1942, Letter
(4). June 6, 1942, Letter
(5). Special Emergency National Conference, November 17-24, Salt Lake City
(6). House Un-American Activities Committee, Dies Committee, Costello Sub-Committee
(7). Newsprint Request for Pacific Citizen
(8). Postscript
(9). Military

IIC. JACL Activities in Camp

(1). General Assessment of JACL in Camp
(2). Nisei Stooges/JACL Informants
(3). Self-Government
(4). Manzanar Riot

IID. Position and Action on Loyalty Oath

(1). No-Nos

IIE. Position and Action on Resisters and the WRA Segregation Process

(1). Resisters - Heart Mountain
(2). Pacific Citizen
(3). Heart Mountain Sentinel
(4). Resisters - Other Camps
(5). Segregation

© 2002 by Deborah K. Lim


Updated: June 23, 2000

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